Let's Get Physical!!

Apple Shape Edition!

Hi my apple shaped friend!

Let's move our bellies!

And let's do it not because we want to lose weight, or because we want to look toned, or because being fat is bad, or because our doctor told us, or because we think we should.

NO! None of that!

Let's do it because our mind, body and soul require movement, and feel better when movement is a part of our life.

Let's do this so we can change our brain and build a new habit.

Let's do this so we can learn more about our body and our belly and ourselves and what works for us and what doesn't.

Let's do this so we can prove to ourselves we can.

Let's do this so we get rid of some aches and pains in our body.

Let's do this so the most important part of our body, our heart, get's its work out.

Let's do this and let's constantly celebrate ourselves for doing it, because that feels good, and us women don't do it enough.


Let's do this together! Because there is strength in numbers!

Now, enough talking, just give me your email (I wanna email you some behind the scenes thingies) and you can download the workbook on the THANK YOU page that follows.

Let's MOVEEE!!


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